Honored to be included in the Richmond Animal League’s 🖼️SMALL ART BIG HEART ❤️Auction Fundraiser.

My latest project > ‘Chx Headshots’ < – now available online. You will have to scroll down to the very end – #553 | #554 | #555 | #556 – also check out the other cool paintings!

Let the bidding begin!  Click here to bid!psx_20190127_135953


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Thanks for stopping by my new online home! Take a few moments to explore. I’ll be sharing the latest on my writing as well as my other creative projects here at Whimsey Hill.

My first book is a collaboration with my parents – a family farmoir called “The Reluctant Farmer of Whimsey Hill” now available on Amazon.com. It’s the love story of my parents as my dad adjusted to his new married life on the farm with a menagerie of crazy animals. If you ever had pets or lived on a farm or want to live on a farm, this is the book for you!

Lynn Raven v.1  I look forward to sharing this adventure — Lynn



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